Python Module Index

py_trees are your behaviour trees misbehaving?
    py_trees.behaviour core template from which all behaviours are derived
    py_trees.behaviours library of useful behaviours
    py_trees.blackboard shared data store and related behaviours
    py_trees.common common definitions, methods and enumerations
    py_trees.composites behaviours that have children
    py_trees.console colour definitions and syntax highlighting for the console
    py_trees.decorators hats for behaviours
    py_trees.demos.action demo a complex action style behaviour
    py_trees.demos.blackboard demo blackboard set/get and related behaviours
    py_trees.demos.context_switching demo context switching use case with parallels
    py_trees.demos.dot_graphs demo dot graphs with varying visibility levels
    py_trees.demos.lifecycle demo the lifecycle of a behaviour
    py_trees.demos.logging demo tree logging to json files
    py_trees.demos.pick_up_where_you_left_off demo the 'pickup where you left off' idiom
    py_trees.demos.selector demo priority switching in selectors
    py_trees.demos.sequence demo sequences in action
    py_trees.demos.stewardship demo tree stewardship
    py_trees.display visualising trees with dot graphs, strings or on stdout
    py_trees.idioms creators of common behaviour tree patterns
    py_trees.meta factories for behaviours
    py_trees.timers timer related behaviours
    py_trees.trees tree managers - they make your life easier!
    py_trees.utilities assorted utility functions
    py_trees.visitors entities that visit behaviours as a tree is traversed